Stop the waste of shoes by designing your own shoes!

Children’s shoes that look like everyone else's? No more!

At Pyk, you can design your next children's shoes in our Shoe Builder with your child at your side. All models are handmade from sustainable materials and delivered within 10 days. And since we only produce the number of shoes that are ordered, we can deliver high quality at a fair price - and together, we can end the meaningless overproduction of shoes.

The World is drowning in shoes

We buy only to throw away and often value price over quality.  Every day an abundance of footwear is produced and countless shoes will never even be purchased or used. Instead, they are transported around to stores in different countries, where they accumulate in stockpiles and sales sections before they are eventually sold at a discount or destroyed. It is hurting our planet and it must end now.

Fair Price

That is why Pyk has developed a fun and simple way to deliver unique children's shoes of high quality directly to you and at the same time do away with the meaningless overproduction of shoes. By ordering directly from the factory, Pyk has optimized the value chain and cut expensive middlemen, so we can spend more resources on what really matters: good craftsmanship and sustainable materials - at a fair price.

Shoe Builder

Pyk's Shoe Builder turns the task of getting your child new shoes into a cosy family project and at the same time ensures that only the shoes that are needed will be produced. Together, we can send happy and healthy children's feet out into the world, letting them leave only a sustainable footprint behind that spares the globe from an unnecessary waste of shoes.

You just choose your desired model of new children's shoe, combine the colours and adapt the sole. Simple!  You can actually make the shoe even more unique by having your child's name embossed in the shoe. It does not get more personalised than that.


All of our shoes are handmade by our shoemaker in Portugal, where the craft has been refined for centuries. All the leather is biodegradable, completely free of metals, and where possible, we have chosen to use pure natural rubber for the components of the sole.  Our shoe boxes are of course produced from recycled materials and can subsequently be used as fun storage boxes.


Children's shoes from Pyk are of the highest quality. You will feel it instantly when you hold our shoes in your hand: When you smell the delicious, soft leather, and bend the elastic and flexible soles - and just wait till you notice the small, fun details that children love. All models from Pyk are created with optimal comfort in mind, so the foot gets the correct support and the toes have plenty of room to grow.
Join the shoe revolution and design your very own sustainable, high quality children's shoes with your children!